Elder Couple


Youngest client 12. Oldest 97.

Some clients have wanted to learn to run or to cycle faster; others have wanted to be able to have the strength and confidence to walk out of their front door; one wanted to train up to crew a Tall Ship and cycle a tandem bike round a velodrome; and another wanted to get down to the floor to pray and get up again safely.

Some want a training plan and support to train by themselves; others prefer someone by their side to motivate them; and others love following an exercise video online. 

I’ve worked with many people after their hospital or community physiotherapy has finished, building on this work to develop strength, balance, and confidence after joint replacements or other surgery. I’ve worked with people who are living with Dementia; Parkinson’s; Arthritis, Heart conditions; COPD; Diabetes; Obesity; Anxiety and Depression; and with Visual and Hearing impairments. I’ve worked with women before and after they’ve had their babies.

I’m a great believer in ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’ and have successfully worked with many people to find and follow their way to an active and healthy life.